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Světlany Uldrichové

Věra & Mauro

Dear all,

We would like to thank you for amazing wedding. It was a very special times for us and you made it exceptional.

We found everybody from Bajecna Svatba amazing, your great support, organization and great design (this alongside with the stationery from Iveta) was really stunning. Also during the day your attention to detail and running of the agenda was perfect and especially thank you to Klara helping us on some things which did not really appear to be part of wedding but she resolved it in a minute 🙂 …Klara knows what i talk about 🙂
Also to especially point out Barbora’s help on the documents and matrika was truly great, and we promise Mauro will not live in her place 😉
Great Thanks goes to Zatisi catering, whose synchronized serving was quite impressive to all guests as well as the quality of the food, which many guest commented being very good. Their service was perfect till the very end.

We want to also thank the florist who did exactly the design i was hoping for, i could not stop staring at the flowers as they were just prefect 🙂
Andelin was fully appretiated by all parents as they found the idea really helpfull and easygoing. Watching all the ladies going after each child to ensure they are safe was reassuring to all of us as it is quite a challenge to manage 16 children.

Our photographers Simona and Kamil as well as Leos as videographer were great and very nice and supportive during the whole photo/video taking which helped us to overcome the stress of the day.
We liked also our DJ Honza, many guests asked for a song to be played and he always have those in hand.

I am very positive we forgot somebody in this message but what we wanted to express is that it was absolutely amazing time for us and our guests. Thank you soo much!!!

Věra and Mauro Fonseca Romaldini

Foto: Kamil Saliba a Simona Smrčková

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