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Světlany Uldrichové

Irina & Doruk

Hello ladies,

Now that we are back to our lives in Canada and caught up with work and other things, we wanted to reflect on our wedding and experience in Prague. We know we weren’t the easiest couple to work with and being so far away added to the frustrations on both sides, but you managed you fulfill all our requests and give us a dream wedding we’ve envisioned! We really didn’t have any issues during the wedding (except the bow-tie problem, but it was totally our own fault!) and our guests were impressed by the organization. Special thank you to Radka for going to the registry office with us and dealing with all paperwork and ladies who work there (they are not easy!!). Radka, you are amazing! You’ve been so helpful during the whole process and on the day of, and we couldn’t have done it without you!
Vera, your design and vision was exactly what we wanted! I seriously didn’t have anything I would change! Flower, decor, photo wall – everything was just perfect! Thank you so much for creating this beauty for us!
We loved Prague and we will definitely come back for a longer visit!
You have a great team and you obviously are passionate about what you do.

Warm wishes from Vancouver,
Irina and Doruk

Foto: Zuzana Scharf

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