Světlana Uldrichová
A perfect wedding planner
Světlana Uldrichová
A perfect wedding planner

Beach sunset wedding in the south of Italy

I dreamed of organizing my first Czech wedding in a foreign country. When Barbora called me in January this year and told me that she wanted to have her wedding in Italy, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Words were spoken, and we set to work. And there was more than enough to do because planning in a foreign country is much more difficult, both because of the language barrier and the different mentality. Ultimately, we did everything to perfection. The wedding was a phenomenal success, and the guests went home delighted. In fact, it was one of the best weddings I have ever organised.

We and Svetlana from “Báječná svtaba” to Boutique Weddings ….

I would probably start with the most important thing, and that is that we are FRIENDS!!!!! We are connected by a deep story and a journey that has been full of drama, emotions, twists and turns and last but not least, a fairytale ending:-)All our three destinies have connected us.. our three weddings.
The first was mine, the second Ládík’s, and the third was ours together… and that closed the circle forever 🙂 Yes, Svetlus organised my and Lada’s first wedding. She also organised our wedding. All of them were wonderful, as I knew Svetlana as Báječná svatba (the former name of her agency), but our wedding together was exceptional in every way. Báječná svatba (Fabulous Weddings) became Boutique Weddings, and we became a couple. Yes, I’m sure you can understand or are about to find out …. When we decided to get married, she was the only choice. Just because she knows us very well, she has organized both of our weddings and most of all because there is just no one better.

Both Ladik and I are big perfectionists. So is Svetlana. We have a similar style and a good feel for each other. That’s probably the best way to describe us. Because everyone is different. And everyone has different ideas about their fairytale wedding. Lada and I appreciate great women and those unafraid to fight in this difficult world. That is why she is such a great inspiration to us. What she’s achieved and what she’s done for us. It was just written somewhere in the stars….:-)

Svetlus, I’m tearing up right now, but what she’s been able to create for us and what a dream wedding she’s been able to make come true out of this fate written somewhere is the greatest blessing and gift we’ve ever received. We’ve never experienced anything more beautifully emotional, and I know we never will. I know what a journey it must have been for you; I know what a daunting task it has been. Once again, you have proven to be a man in the right place and more.

To us, you are already family and a friend. You have a place in our hearts in every way. We will never forget this ride through life (even with you) and the journey through Italy. Our uneasy life story made it a beautiful ending to this chapter, and we hope that the next part of our steps will be in the spirit of our wedding. The place where the wedding was going to take place was in the south of Italy, in Riva del Sol. A friend of theirs owns the resort, and they are also bonded by their time together, so the choice was clear. Riva del Sol has a beautiful private beach and offers stylish chalets to stay in. We arranged both the accommodation and the flights for the guests, which was quite a challenge.

We arrived with a small group of our closest wedding guests on Tuesday, but most arrived on Friday afternoon. After an hour’s drive from the airport, we welcomed them to the resort with refreshments and a gift from the bride and groom, which I’ll write about later. Of course, to get us through all the important wedding milestones, the wedding anthem, the song Bella Ciao, was played.

First wedding event WELCOME PARTY

The Torah Restaurant, part of the resort, hosted the welcome party. The party took place in an informal atmosphere so guests could relax and meet each other. Several food stations were created with Italian delicacies like burrata, pizza, pasta, and mini desserts, but there was also a coconut corner and sushi. Manu Kreative made an original welcome board for us, and Petra Jelínková took beautiful portraits that accompanied us throughout the wedding.

There was plenty of food to choose from. There were also coconuts and great drinks. The burrata was made on-site and was delicious. The great homemade pizza and gnocchi were also a must.

The newlyweds were the last to arrive and were greeted with a touching and warm welcome from the guests. There were many interesting models to see, as the dress code for the welcome party was extravagantly boho. A saxophonist played to welcome everyone and immediately got everyone rocking.

Lada fulfilled Barca’s biggest wish and managed to get DJ JOC Havanna, who is undoubtedly one of the best DJs I have ever had at a wedding. He created an incredible atmosphere and really got the party going at full speed. He came all the way from Cuba to be with us and created an incredible atmosphere throughout.

We booked themed performances for the party, which completed the concept and mood perfectly. The party went on at the beach until the early hours of the morning, and everyone had a great time. It was a great start to a 3 day celebration and we managed to create an amazing atmosphere built over the following days.

We have known Barča and Láďa for many years. We are good friends, and the interesting thing is that I was the one who organised their first wedding. To put it simply, some things can’t be re-created.

Second wedding event. CEREMONY, DINNER, PARTY

The second day was the wedding day. In the morning, a brunch was prepared for the guests and at the same time, the bridesmaids and the bride began to get ready. I created a beautiful design concept for this wedding, the graphic part of which was done by Manu Creative. I hit Barbora’s taste right away because I know her so well. She’s incredibly stylish. She has her original boho style, which we translated into the wedding design, resulting in a concept that accurately reflects her and Lada’s lifestyle and the resort’s atmosphere. Boho Elegant” was also the name we gave to the elegant dress code we recommended for the guests in sunset colours.


Several cards were included in the wedding invitation set. The announcements, the dress code, the RSVP and the programme. All of them were coordinated with a nautical theme. The original element was a logo with initials and a whale motif associated with a wonderful experience in their lives. The bar menu was also stylish.

The bride’s must-have outfit includes designer shoes and a handbag. She chose a gorgeous Jimmy Choo with pearls. It was perfect for the nautical theme. We came up with a lot of cute details such as numbers for the tables, interesting welcome signs and name tags with a starfish on them.

Original table numbers for a 25-metre-long wedding table, again nautical-themed.

Each morning, the guests went swimming and then went for a big breakfast. A 25-meter-long wedding table, again nautical-themed.

Many small details make up a perfect whole. Everything is connected to everything else.

Luxury rings from Bisaku.

Name badges with stars are one of my favourite accessories.

And now we come to the most beautiful wedding accessories, the gifts for the guests. The production involved 4 companies. Barka’s friend, the owner of Anamé, designed and made luxury beach bags, a cosmetic bag and a pashmina with the central wedding logo of a whale embroidered on it. We sourced homemade pistachio liqueur, onion chutney and olive oil from the farm where the reception was held. Furthermore, photographer Petra made bookmarks with the logo and portraits of Barča and Láďa. And we worked with Manu Kreative to assemble a welcome letter, a wedding program a map of the venue, a tag for the bag and a special pouch with a star.

The gifts were luxurious, and the guests were incredibly excited about them. The pashmina was used as a fashion accessory, and the bags were worn on the beach.

We started our wedding day around 4 p.m. at the pool. The dancers welcomed the guests. For the wedding day, we prepared a welcome sign with whales and a special sign for wedding gifts, a contribution to the wedding trip to Rwanda to see the gorillas.

An ice cream corner with traditional Calabrian ice cream was prepared, and drinks were mixed in the bar.

The wedding ceremony on the beach at sunset was incredibly romantic. There was no dry eye in the house as the groom was brought in by his children. It was a very touching moment, but gradually emotional.

Local florist Nicola Menniti created all the floral arrangements and decorations. The brief was to create a beach boho style in sunset colours. I think that the decorations were in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

Instead of putting the rings in a box, we put them in a big starfish. We put some sand in it. After the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen came in. We made them very pretty. The bridesmaids’ dresses were from Anamé Atelier, the bride bought the groomsmen’s from Zara.

Unconventional photo booth. A wicker heart decorated with flowers and the words “Better Together”.

Cuban singing star Haila, who arrived at the resort half an hour before the ceremony was due to start, was the biggest hit of the ceremony, and indeed the whole wedding. It was a lovely surprise from Lada for Bara as she loves her songs. Until the last moment, it was not certain that Haila would be able to come from Cuba, but in the end, everything worked out. Haila sang the song Ave Maria for her arrival. Lada sang a special song in which he spoke the words. Barca didn’t know until the last moment that Haila would sing the song, and you can’t imagine her emotions when she found out on the way to the wedding gate. Her performance was incredibly emotional, and we were all very moved.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked very pretty. Veronica, the make-up artist, came with us from Prague and spent all her time making sure the bridesmaids were beautiful and well-groomed. She came up with a different style for the bride to wear at each of the events.

The wedding ceremony was emotional, full of tears, love, laughter and beautiful emotions. The relationship between Barci and Lada is one of destiny, and they truly love each other.

The bouquet toss at the end of the ceremony was not to be missed; there were a lot of candidates, and I wondered if the lady who caught the bouquet would be getting married within a year.

It was a very happy wedding, full of wonderful moments and emotions.

One of the beautiful details. Messages from the guests were embroidered on the bride’s veil, including the Anamé logo with a whale.

Following the ceremony, we moved on to feasting outside. The guests were seated at a 25-metre-long table under a starry sky, decorated with flowers and various shells, starfish and other decorations from the sea. Guests were greeted by a glowing Mr & Mrs sign that we brought from the Czech Republic. We wrapped the trees around the wedding table with lights, which created a magical atmosphere in the evening.

The tables and chairs were imported from Sicily because there weren’t many options in Calabria. The extras were provided by the resort, or we brought them from the Czech Republic. I ordered the shells and starfish from Amazon. Some of the inventory was bought from Manu Kreative in Poland. In short, we put together decorations from all over the place.

After dark, a magical atmosphere was created. There were two types of menus served. Fish and beef. For the wedding reception, we hired a famous chef from Israel, Aka Lovato, who designed and personally cooked the menu.

An integral part of the wedding reception was the great atmosphere, as seen in this snapshot of the grand entrance of the newlyweds.

Several speeches were made before the reception began, including the newlyweds thanking their guests.

A sea-themed cake was cut and a fire fountain was lit.

Singer Haila made sure everyone got to dance, singing one of the most popular songs. Afterwards, the guests danced for a while and then went to change. The Marrakech after-party was about to start, and oriental boho style was the dress code of the day.

Marrakesh afterparty in the Moroccan tent. A complete change of concept, style and atmosphere.

The Marrakech party was oriental-themed, including the food served. There was a shisha water pipe, Moroccan tea and an oriental programme. The guests had a great time. They danced under the stars until dawn. Our great Cuban DJ played for us to dance to.

Joc Havana, an incredible talent who mixes his music, is undoubtedly the best DJ ever. Extravagantly dressed ladies were the highlight of this unconventional wedding party.

Third wedding event. Farewell party at the farmhouse.

We wanted our guests to experience the Calabrian countryside, which is incredibly picturesque. As well as the sea and beach, the Italian countryside can be just as romantic.

We prepared lunch for the guests at the farm, set in the beautiful Calabrian countryside among olive groves. The farm cooked traditional dishes for us. We had roast pork with potato gratin, pasta and traditional starters. We also tasted their homemade wine. The graphic designer was again in charge of the stylish prints with an olive theme.

Rustic boho was the dress code for the farm lunch. As always, the newlyweds were perfectly matched and looked incredibly handsome. But the other guests also went the extra mile and the whole event had an incredible flair.

We booked musicians to play traditional music to create a real Italian atmosphere. By the end of the day, they had everyone up on the dance floor, creating a wonderfully moving atmosphere.

Beautiful portraits from Petra Photographer.

Stylish name badges with a motif of the olive trees in which the farm is located. A colourful combination of floral arrangements in the same shades as the oleanders that grow all around the farm.